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Mahapali Vijjalaya

Pali Language Institute of Thailand

Mahapali Vijjalaya was founded on April 4, 2012 to organize Pali study for lay people. The aim was to make Pali study a tradition for Thai people from all walks of life who may pursue the study at their convenience.

Mahapali Vijjalaya was created on the notion that Thailand should have a Pali language institute specifically for Buddhist lay people based on the following reasons:

1. Buddhists consist of both the monastic order and lay people. Nowadays, the number of people who are ordained as novices or monks at young age is decreasing. So is the number of monks who are interested in Pali study. As the majority of Buddhists are lay people, they should not abandon the task of inheriting Buddhism.  The best way to do this is to study the Teachings of the Buddha which were recorded in Pali. The learning and the memorization of Pali Teachings and the ability to pass on to next generations are the best ways to continue Buddhism.

2. Pali is the language in which the Buddha’s Teachings were recorded, hence the main root of Buddhism. Having good knowledge of Pali will make it easier for Buddhists to understand the Teachings and avoiding mistakes in their practice.

3. Life expectancy of a human being is so short. Lay people usually dedicate their time to earning money, accumulating materials and creating wealth. However, there are some people who want to spend one or two days a week on building and accumulating spiritual Perfections in wisdom, effort, patience, truthfulness and determination. Pali study is therefore an important first step.

4. Currently, there are few Pali study institutes that open for lay people. In fact the number of these institutes should be proportionate to the number of population, i.e. 1 per 100,000 Buddhists.

5. In Thailand there are several important traditions such as Thai New Year (Songkran) Festival, rains-retreat, alms offering at the end of rains-retreat (Tak Bat Devo), etc. It would be best if Thai Buddhists will make Pali study a new tradition. Everybody finds and creates an opportunity for oneself to study Pali, a life-long study, having a dedicated institute provided step-by-step learning which is tailored to the liking and ability of student.

6. Knowledge of Pali makes it easier to study Dhamma and Tipitaka, listening to Dhamma and practice. Study Pali, the language of our own religion, should be regarded as a normal practice for Buddhists.

1. To investigate, design and develop Pali curricula for lay people.
2. To organize Pali study for lay people.
3. To develop a Pali test center with international standard.
4. To develop various information technologies that promote Pali study.
Future plan
1. To develop multiple Pali curricula that tailored for student groups at different ages and levels.
2. To cooperate with various temples and organizations to open Pali classrooms for Buddhists in every province throughout the country.
3. To encourage Thai people to study Pali as a traditions by finding means to support 200,000 people per year to study Pali by 2023 and 2,000,000 per year by 2057.
4. To open Pali-English course for foreigners who are interested in Pali study.

Pali Language courses (2014)





Pali study/Royal Pali Language Course

Wat Molilokayaram



Pali Language Course for University entrance examination (PAT 7.6)

Wat Molilokayaram



Basic Pali Language Course

Wat Molilokayaram



Basic Pali Language Course

Baan Aree Foundation



Basic Pali Language Course

Mae Sod  District Prison, Tak Province



Basic Pali Language Course

Bang Kwang Central Prison, Nontha Buri



Basic Pali Language Course

Ladyao Women Central Prison, Bangkok



Advanced Pali Language Course

Distance learning via internet


Total number of students


Budget of Mahapali Vijjalaya
Mahapali Vijjalaya is a not-profit Buddhist education and carries out activities and projects under the financial support from donations from individuals and various organizations. If you feel that our ongoing activities are meaningful to Buddhism, the nation and the society, and would like to make a contribution please see the detail below.

Donation account details:
Bank: Krungthai Bank, Pak Klong Talad Branch
Account name: Watmolilokayaram (Mahapali Vijjalaya Fund)
Account number: 160-0-07277-1
(Please inform us of the donation by Line id : mahapali  or email to  maha@mahapali.com)

Mahapali Vijjalaya is a newly founded organization and requires advice and support from a large number of people who have the knowledge, faith and capability. If you would like to provide help to the Institute, please contact us at anytime.
All needs for Pali language:
need for Pali study, need for Pali classrooms
Lay people who want to study Pali are invited to apply at the Mahapali Vijjalaya.
If you want to open Pali classes for lay people please contact Mahapali Vijjalaya.
Mahapali Vijjalaya
Wat Molilokayaram
Arun-amarin road, Wat-Arun subdistrict
Bangkok Yai district, Bangkok 10600
Tel: +662 4728157,  +6689 6601464, +6699 246 8986

Website : www.mahapali.com 
E-mail: maha@mahapali.com
Facebook : www.facebook.com/mahapaliclub
Twitter : www.twitter.com/mahapali
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โรงเรียนพระปริยัติธรรมวัดพระธาตุดอยสุเทพราชวรวิหาร ศึกษาภาษาบาลีออนไลน์
เรียนบาลีเบื้องต้น ปทรูปสิทธิ อภิธานวรรณนา ในรูปแบบ pdf html และ mp3 โดยพระมหาสมปอง มุทิโต
เรียนภาษาบาลีกับพระมหาประนอม ธมฺมาลงฺกาโร ผ่าน youtube ดูเป็นตอน ๆ 1- 30 ตอน
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สำนักเรียนดีเด่น เปิดสอนบาลีสำหรับพระภิกษุสามเณรทุกชั้น ตั้งแต่ ประโยค 1-2 ถึง ป.ธ.9
วัดท่ามะโอ ลำปาง สำนักปฏิบัติธรรม และสำนักเรียนบาลีใหญ่
เพื่อการศึกษาพระธรรมจากคัมภีร์บาลี เรียนรู้ปทรูปสิทธิ
โครงการสร้างพระภิกษุสามเณรจากอินเดียกว่า 2,000 รูป เพื่อกลับไปฟื้นฟูพระพุทธศาสนาประเทศอินเดียในระยะยาว
วีดีโอสอนแปลบาลีธรรมบท ประโยค 1-2 โดย อ.กรภพ วัดพระเจ้าตนหลวง อธิบายง่าย เข้าใจง่าย
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